Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Beginner’s Guide!

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Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Beginner’s Guide! We compile some guide to make you have easier time in playing this new mobile games!

How to Reroll for Rooted Android:


# Steps
1 This method makes it so that you go through the tutorial AFTER you get the character you want, saving time.
2 You have to play through the tutorial if this is your first time.
3 If you have a failed reroll, quit the app.
4 Go to /data/data/com.bandainamcoent.saomd/files/memories and /data/data/com.bandainamcoent.saomd/shared_prefs (Refer to this as stored save file).
5 Keep the file /data/data/com.bandainamcoent.saomd/files/memories/json/app_data inside and copy it someplace else.
6 You’ll need this file when you want to start a new reroll. (Refer to this as old data).
7 After that, delete the above mentioned stored save file.
8 Start the app again.
9 When it prompts you to key in your name, close the app.
10 Copy your saved old data from the app_data folder and overwrite the file in /data/data/com.bandainamcoent.saomd/files/memories/json/app_data
11 Start the app again!
12 You will be sent straight to roll your first scout. If you reroll what you wanted, great! If not, restart at step 7.
13 If you get an error message, relaunch the app and it should put you back to when you enter your name. Carry on as usual afterwards, completing the tutorial and whatnot.


Weapons, and their advantage towards mobs:

Attack Type Weapon Effective against
Slicing One-hand Sword, Two-hand Sword Fragile bodies (Mantis, Flowers, Slimes)
Piercing Knives, Lances, Bows Thick carapace (Lizardmen)
Blunt Maces, Rifles Thick bodies (Elementals, Skeletons)
Magic Staves Weaker element monsters


How To Change Name:

# Steps
1 Tap “Menu” > “Status”
2 Tap “Edit Info” on the right top corner



Farming Materials Crystal Location :

Quest Stat Crystal
11-6, 16-2 Attack
11-1, 17-1 Skill
12-2, 17-3 Critical
11-2, 17-4 Defence
12-3, 17-6 HP
11-4, 17-7 MP

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