Revelation Online Quick & Easy Gear / Equipment Guide for New Player

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Hi everyone, today we will give some quick guide for gear / equipment for new player especially for solo player without good guild or alliance to carry them and you don’t have to buy gold or imperial coin from gold seller too!

I believe many of you already hitting level 40++ or even 50++ and facing some difficult in expert dungeon like Deserted Shrine 3 Star to make full yellow equipment for your character, meanwhile to finish this dungeon  almost party looking for member with good gear score.

In case you have good guild / alliance you can always ask the Elite to help you but how if you don’t have them? You have a little time to play, and don’t have a good gear so you want to finish this dungeon to get a good gear for your character but you cannot find a party to help with this dungeon.

Don’t struggle and worry about this, you don’t have to hold your level at 49 until you got a good gear! You can just keep leveling until you hit level 59 before you start maximize your gear.

  1. Don’t miss your 3rd day login reward to get Yellow Level 41 Off-Hand for your character
  2. Level your character to Level 40 first before you worry about your gear, you can use all gear you find while you leveling to Level 40.
    Find a mentor when you reach level 20! You got some refine material as rewards from system when you hit level 30, 40 and 50!
    You can find a quick leveling from Level 1 – 40 at here : Revelation Online Quick Level 1-40 Leveling Guide
  3. Do your story quest until you got your first Yellow Level 37 Weapon
    If you don’t have enough Hematite-1 for this quest, you can find the guide here : Revelation Online Hematite Farming Guide
  4. Now you have your two Yellow Equipment, you only need to refine them to +8 before you got another Yellow Equipment
  5. There are 3 way to get next Yellow Equipment :
    – From Blueprint

    – From Blacksmith Crafting

    – From Demonslayer Point or Imperial Honor Point (You can recycle the equipment later after you got better equipment, you will get 90% of point you spend for the equipment by using Gold Recovery at the Guardian Shop NPC)

If you are a new player here below have more detail guide to efficiently got the blueprint, material crafting and unlock demonslayer tier 3 to get your equipment :

  1. Do your demonslaying quest, you can check it by press ‘C’ and go to ‘Order’, you need to raise your Tier to 3 to buy Yellow Equipment for Level 50-54
    You can raise your tier by doing the demonslaying weekly quest by killing Yungo for Darkfall Hard and Urgon for Deserted Shrine Hard and for daily quest by finishing ‘Daily Token’ by doing this in 2 week you will get Tier 3 for your Demonslayer
  2. After focusing on your demonslayer, here is the important list to do daily until you hit level 54 :
    – Do your daily guild quest 10/10 to get experience boost, find a random guild if you don’t have a guild yet
    – Guardian Trials (Mystic Hollow – Trial) do this even if you already Level 50++ Tower of Pain Trial give less experience and need more time to done if you don’t have good DPS
    – Scour Dungeon, find 5 man party to maximize your time and weekly double exp
    – Mystic Hollow Normal & Deserted Shrine Hard, you have to do this to get Mist’s Nyx
    You can got material for crafting or even a yellow equipment from this!

    – Trial of 4 Kings, you can do this meanwhile you find party for your scour / Mystic Hollow Normal
    – Disc Hop, you can do this meanwhile you find party for your scour / Mystic Hollow Normal
    – Poacher / Black Market do this if your demonslayer weekly point is not max yet, if you already max them you can just ignore this quest except you want some imperial note
    – Hot Spring, just do this after 4 days or 5 days so you can leave your character for longer time than you do everyday
    You can find all activities above by pressing ‘U’
  3. Now for weekly activities that you have to pay attention after you finish your daily :
    – Bounty Hunter, find 5 man party to maximize your experience and time when do this quest, you can repeat this quest 5 times in a week, you can use the chest for your soul grid later at Level 55
    – Sulan Journey (Level 20), Lampyr Journey (Level 35) and Karstad Journey (Level 50), find 5 man party to maximize your experience
    – Deserted Shrine Expert, you can looking for a sidekick to carry you in 1 star and 2 star, there will be a lot of people will help you because they have demonslaying quest
    You can do this Expert 3 times a week, so until you got a good gear score, you can just finish 2 star
    – Old Quin, this have 120 cycle you can do this while looking for party for your weekly activities above
    You get a blueprint for your reward by doing this quest, you can get this quest after you reach level 40. You got 3 blueprint for level 40-49 if you do this quest when you level 40-49 and got 2 blueprint for level 50-59 if you do this quest when you level 50-59.
    When doing this quest you can quick buy item by pressing ctrl+y to open Auction, and search the item by CASE SENSITIVE (ex : Low-grade Timber)
    – Guidance Quest, you can help low level character to finish their dungeon, you can do this quest 3 times a week and pick the first reward to get Ascension Essence to help your leveling progress, and also ‘Imperial Merit Point’ to exchange some material for your crafting



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