Revelation Online NA/EU OBT Leveling Guide

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Hi, the Early Access will finish today and everyone will have access to this game, now I will make a quick guide to get level 40 in couple hours.

  1. Follow the quest until you hit level 20 when finishing quest for Solo in Dark Fall
  2. Look for mentor and let them carry you in Dark Fall (Easy) 5x, don’t forget to take the mini-quest at outside of Dark Fall (You can take this quest 2x)
  3. Find a party with 5 people to do Sulan Journey, you can find this quest by pressing ‘L’ and look for available in ‘Common Livelihoods’ quest category.
    NB : Let the party leader take the quest and report it, the rest of member just need to follow the leader when do this quest!
  4. If all of you hit Level 30, you can continue to do Lampyr Creek Journey, it’s same with Sulan Journey only need the Leader take and report the quest
    NB : If you are not Level 30 yet you can finish your story quest first until you reach level 30 and continue with this guide
  5. Go back look for your mentor and let them carry you for Dark Fall (Hard)
  6. Join a guild and finish the Daily Guild Quest
  7. Press ‘U’ and go do your Scour Dungeons, find your guildmate and ask them for help you in Oneiric Trials (Level 40++)
    NB : Don’t forget use your weekly double exp at here, and press ‘V’ raise your utility to get more kill at Scour Dungeons and also don’t forget drink Tea to reduce your kill count.
  8. Press ‘U’ and find party to do ‘Daily Token’, ‘Misty Hollow’ and ‘Bounty Hunt’
    NB : Make sure you keep your level at 39, system will ask you to level up when you have full exp at level 39 so don’t afraid to over leveling
  9. Do your story quest again until you got your first Orange Weapon
  10. After you got your weapon you can start your Trial of Four Kings and after that you can level up to Level 40
  11. Now you can continue finish your story quest to unlock path for your character or join guild activity or raise your Life Skills!

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