Revelation Online Hematite Farming Guide

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There are still a lot of people don’t know how to get Hematite to finish their level 37 Gold Equipment, at here you can find some tips to farm Hematite easily :

  1. Trade your ‘Imperial Society Merit’ to Hematite, you will need 100 point for this and you can get this point by helping low level in Darkfall Easy, you can get around 1500-2000 point per run when you party with level 20 player in Darkfall Easy
    You can find the NPC by press ‘C’ -> Honor -> Right-click on the ‘Imperial Society Merit’ for auto-move to the NPC
  2. Salvage equipment, you can press ‘B’ and look for hammer icon on your bag to salvage an equipment, you have a low chance to get Hematite from salvage
  3. Farm in Scour Dungeon, the monster in Scour Dungeon have a high chance to drop Hematite
  4. Make ‘Vanquish’ activate when you killing last boss in dungeon (Darkfall Easy, Hard, MH Trial or Deserted Shrine Easy), you can do this by using a Rune when the boss left with 10% HP or less, if you success in ‘Vanquish’ mode they will drop Hematite-1 for boss below level 40 and above that will drop Hematite-2 and Hematite-3 depend on the boss level
    You can buy the Rune at Grocery

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