Revelation Online Deserted Shrine 3 Stars Guide

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Deserted Shrine 3 Stars will become the most important dungeon for everyone that hit Level 45, we only can do this dungeon 3 times weekly and before everyone hit level 50 bracket, they will grind this dungeon to farm gears/equipments. Don’t rush to do this, because if you fail or kicked from team you will waste your run and have to wait for 1 week before reset!

Party Setup

Recommended :

  • 1 Vanguard (Tank)
  • 1 Spirit Shaper (Healer)
  • 3 DPS Classes: Gunslinger, Swordmage or Blademaster


  • 1 Vanguard (Tank)
  • 1 Spirit Shaper (Healer)
  • 2 DPS
  • 1 Occultist (Support Heal/DPS)

For Spirit Shaper you will need at least 600 Healing Power or you can get Occultist for team if your Shape Shaper heal not enough.

And also Spirit Shaper should have 2 skills to remove negative status, both Green Vines and Spirit Shell to run this Deserted Shrine 3 Stars.

Okay after the party setup, now for the boss mechanic :

Claswmaster Buri

Before focus on this boss, kill 3 mages that follow him first. Clawmaster Buri has a hook skill that  followed by 2 hit spin that can one hit tank and will kill all DPS easily, so for all ranged DPS have to keep distance 21 meters or more to avoid this skill.

To check your distance with the enemy is at top center screen at top right of enemy health bar.

And for tanker you have to pay attention to the skill cast by boss, you have to timing the cast and avoid is by tumble to sideway (press shift+a / shift+d / aa / dd) when the cast time reach 0.5 seconds.

Clawmaster Buri also can spawn another adds after he cast skill called Dirt Spray, and this skill mostly targeted to ranged DPS, so pay attention when the boss cast this skill, it not hard to avoid this skill. After avoid Dirt Spray focus kill the adds first to reduce thread for tanker, since they hit a little hard.

Flame Lord

We cannot avoid this boss in 3 Stars since we have to kill all 5 witches to stop the ritual in 20 seconds, so just focus the witches 1 by 1 before hitting the boss. Make sure you kill all the witches first, because Vanguard have low Magic Defense, so this witches can become a trouble.

For this boss will rely on Healer and DPS, because it’s not hard to avoid his attack pattern as Vanguard in frontline. You only need to setup a formation which all healer and DPS behind the boss while the vanguard face off the boss face to face.

Nothing much for this boss if you keep the formation and all hard work will go for Shape Shaper. Make sure to spawn Radiant Whirlwind whenever you have enough Flora to do that (it’s really useful here) and make sure to use your Essence of Spring on yourself followed by Green Vines to spread it to all your members (even though it heals only a little, it’s really useful). Also try to always have at least 2 Essence of Spring on the tank just in case he gets hit by one boss skill.

Whenever the DPS classes are low health,  use your Falling Sakura on yourself while being near the person, that way it will heal both of you at the same time. It heals a lot and the cool down is not that high, keep doing it until everyone is at a safe health mark around 80-90%.

Demon Urgon

Spirit Shaper will play important role again for this boss with this two skills : Green Vines and Spirit Shell.

Demon Urgon will start with casting a debuff, so make sure to remove the debuff quickly and keep focus and pay attention to remove the debuff in this fight.

For this fight we also have to pay attention for 3 AOE skills from Demon Urgon, which are :

  1. Whip
    Demon Urgon will cast 3 times, and every cast have different ranges, the first cast has 5 meters ranged, the second 10 meters and last 20 meters. The closer you are with the boss, the less damage you got from this skill.
    For melee just ignore and stay in 5 meters to get hit by the first whip and for ranged, stay 21 meters or more.
  2. Red Circle
    This skill also have 3 cast ranges, but the closer you are, the harder you got hit by this skill.
    For melee have to save 100 levity to avoid this skill with double tumble to avoid all damage and for ranged, stay 21 meters or more.
  3. Flame Wall
    Demon Urgon will summon totem that damage everyone with 5,000 damages and you can’t avoid this. After that he will cast 3 fireballs, and you can avoid this by stay between space of the fireballs. And after the 3 fireballs, Demon Urgon will cast Flame Wall, you can avoid this easily by doing double jump.

Beside the AOE skills, the most annoying is Demon Urgot can spawn adds. The first wave will spawn 1 minute after you hit the boss and it will only have 1 add, the second wave will have 2 Adds and it will spawn 2 minutes after the first wave. The third, forth, fifth and onward will spawn every 3 minutes after the second wave and it will have 3 Adds each.

Each add is an annoying monster that receives a speed bonus if they are not killed fast enough and they actually hit A LOT (They can two-shot people easily).  To deal with that you must lure it to Urgon’s Wrath, a fire that spawns every time the boss loses 10% HP (That’s why the DPS must be constant and really high, otherwise everyone will die because of the adds). You also can die because this fire, so circle around the fire and let the adds run into it.

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