Ragnarok Spear of Odin English Beta Started!

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Gravity has started Ragnarok Spear of Odin English CBT for Android platform in Singapore. The beta will end on April 7, 2017 and if you are interested to give it a shot, download the game at Google Play store now.

Ragnarok: Spear of Odin is a 3D hack ‘n’ slash mobile MMO where you will face over 200 monsters in the Ragnarok Online universe. You will be able to proceed to job advancement at level 15, by progressing Swordsman to Knight / Warrior, Magician to Wizard / Sorcerer and so on. The game also features 15 original dungeons from Ragnarok Online.

You also can download the apk here if your play store country still not available for this game : Ragnarok Spear of Odin APK

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