LawBreakers Open Registration for CBT

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After years of development, Boss Key Productions finally announced the first Closed Beta test for LawBreakers will run on Steam next week from Thursday, March 16 to Sunday, March 19 (US time). Players can sign up now for the chance to be invited to the Closed Beta test. A Free-to-Play and action-packed first-person online shooter, Nexon is the game’s publisher.

Crafted by Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature new content changes based on feedback from the Alpha last year, including the debut of multiple highly anticipated roles that offer a greater variety of play-styles, improved game balance, additional maps and much more. This weekend, attendees of PAX East will get a sneak peek of these changes in hands-on sessions of LawBreakers.

In LawBreakers, players should prepare to deliver death from every angle as they compete in unprecedented gravity-defying combat in a futuristic world. FPS fans will choose their play-style from a cast of unique “verti-killers”, each equipped with distinct movement skills, battle abilities and weapons combos, to join the fight that offer players a breathtaking vertical team-based battle royal.

Sign-up for Beta at here : LAWBREAKERS CLOSED BETA SIGN-UP

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