Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner’s Guide

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Following Fire Emblem Heroes Hype, we will make some short guide to help the new player in this game!

  1. How to download the game
    iOS :
    Android :
    Please be noted this game only available on some country, if you cannot download the game by the official link you need to change your store region or for Android you can download QooApp and download from there.
  2. Heroes
    All heroes can level up to 5 Stars, even if they are start from 1 Stars or 3 Stars, as long you have enough materials to raise their Stars.
    Once your Unit reaches level 20, you can “Rank Up” by 1, which enables you to raise your unit’s stats even higher and learn stronger skills.
  3. Element / Weapon
    Weapons are divided into four “colors”: Red (fire), Green (wind), Blue (thunder), and Colorless. Red weapons include swords and fire tomes, Green weapons include axes and wind tomes, Blue weapons include lances and thunder tomes, and Colorless includes weapons such as bows, daggers, and colorless tomes.Some weapons have abilities or attributes that make them particularly effective against certain unit types. Such weapons will have the label “Effective against x units”, where “x” is the unit type it will do bonus damage to. When matched against the correct unit type, the weapon will do 1.5x damage.The possible unit types are infantry, cavalry, armored, and flying. A unit’s type may be seen on its Status page, to the right of their level. There is also an unlabeled “Dragon” unit type – these are the units who transform into dragons (i.e. Tiki and Nowi). These units are labeled as infantry on their status pages, but receive the extra damage from weapons that are effective against dragons, such as Marth and Lucina’s Falchion.

    In a battle, you may see which enemy units will deal or receive effective damage from any of your units by tapping on them. Enemies that your selected unit will deal effective damage to will have a green checkmark on top of them, while enemies that your selected unit will take effective damage from will have a red exclamation mark on them.

    Icon Element Weapon Range Type
    Fire Sword 1 Space Physical
    Fire Tomb 2 Space Magic
    Fire Beast 1 Space Magic
    Lightning Lance 1 Space Physical
    Lightning Tomb 2 Space Magic
    Lightning Beast 1 Space Tomb
    Wind Axe 1 Space Physical
    Wind Tomb 2 Space Magic
    Wind Beast 1 Space Magic
    None Bow 2 Space Physical
    None Shuriken 2 Space Physical
    None Rod 2 Space Magic
  4. Bonus 100% Exp
    This will require Orbs, but once you purchase the Castle, it will permanently increase EXP that you acquire. The Castle can grant you up to +100% (2x) more EXP, so if you want to grind faster it is a highly recommended upgrade.
  5. Losing Exp
    In Fire Emblem Heroes if your heroes die in battle they will not gain any exp, if you want grind some new acquired heroes, better if you bring along a healer.
  6. Limit Break
    If you get multiples of the same Hero, you can use them to Limit Break the Hero’s stats, enabling you to raise your Hero’s stats above it’s cap and gain SP.
  7. Unique Stats & Growth Rate
    Heroes have unique stats, for example, you could have two Lyn, one with higher damage and lower defense or vice versa.Also, all heroes have certain stats that are weighed higher than others. For example, Hector’s defense stat increases more, while Tiki’s attack stat increases more.
  8. Hero Feathers
    Hero Feathers are used for raising a unit’s star count. Unfortunately, there are precious few ways of obtaining them, and most of them only give a pittance. To put this in perspective, greeting friends gives about 5-10 feathers, while it costs 20,000 feathers to upgrade a unit from 4* to 5*. Nevertheless, if you keep up with your dailies/weeklies, you’ll eventually have enough to upgrade your favorite 3* and 4* units. Here is a list of current ways to earn feathers.

    Method Amount
    Arena 100 – 7,100 (weekly)
    Send Your Units Home 5 – 1,000 per character (depending on its star count)
    Greet Friends 5 – 10 (daily)
    Talk to Your Units 5 (daily)

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